Teaka & Duke’s Puppies: The Puppy Life

All 11 puppies and Mama Teaka were out playing and enjoying this cooler, less humid weather we had this week and then it was time for nap. Play hard, Nap hard... That's the puppy life. This morning they took a trip to the Vet and everyone is looking healthy and strong. Hard to believe that … Continue reading Teaka & Duke’s Puppies: The Puppy Life

Upcoming Litter: Roxy & Manac

We are happy to announce our next litter of puppies due this week from Roxy & Manac. Roxy & Manac are both American style Fox Red Labradors. Roxy was just into the vet yesterday and it looks like this will be a small litter, so we will start taking deposits after the puppies are born.