Teaka & Duke’s Puppy: Eleena Elaine

No need to adjust your eyes that is SNOW you are seeing in the picture!

Meet: Eleena Elaine

Don’t worry fellow Wisconsinites this snow was found high up in the mountains in Utah, we still have a while before the white stuff finds us. Eleena is one of two puppies from Teaka’s litter that found their home in Utah. Eleena spends most of her days trying to win over the love of her big brother Rue (who is a big cat). Her mom takes tons of pictures of her, as you can see she is giving her the typical “stop taking pictures mom” mom look below.


Teaka & Duke’s Puppy: Koda

Since all the puppies have been in their forever homes for a while now we thought it would be fun to share with you what some of them have been up too.

Meet Koda

He was the last of Teaka & Duke’s puppies to find a home, but don’t worry this little guy is living the life. I think it is safe to say that he is making himself right at home and then his new fur-siblings have accepted him. Koda gets to spend lots of time with kids and his dad has plans to make him his new hunting buddy.


Roxy & Manac’s Puppies: 6 Weeks Old

Playing outside after the rain today. Can’t believe it’s almost time for them to go to their forever homes!!! The boys have found their new homes but the girls are still looking. If you are interested, give us a call-715-554-4822

Girl-Red Collar

Girl-Yellow Collar

Boy-Green Collar

Boy-Blue Collar