Teaka & Red Bull’s Puppies: Two Weeks Old

These little nuggets turned two weeks old today! Not much has changed since last week some eyes have started to open and their legs are getting stronger; they are starting to push up on them as opposed to crawling around. Still lots of sleeping, rest up little puppies because soon you guys will be running and chewing and playing and we can’t wait!!


Females – Two Weeks Old


Males – Two Weeks Old

Teaka & Red Bull’s Puppies: 2 Days Old

In the wee hours of Monday morning Teaka brought into this world 7 adorable puppies. Everything went smoothly during delivery, we were just all a bit sleep deprived. Three Girls and Four Boys make up her litter of Seven all of them  Fox Reds. Two males and females are avaiable, this will be Teaka’s only litter this year.

Here are the puppies at 2 Days Old


Welcome to the Family Blue!

Blue joined the Balsam Branch Kennel family just before Christmas. With having everyone home for the holidays it took us forever to name him, because everyone had ideas. He was No Name for a while so I suggested we should name him Steak! Ha ha, No Name Steak, get it? It starts to grow on you. Blue and Kimber spend lots of time together playing, sleeping, playing and more sleeping. Welcome to the Family Blue!