Teaka & Okie 2018: New Toys

When the time comes for the puppies to go to their forever homes we send a little bit of Balsam Branch with them. The pups go home with a new stuffed animal that they play with before hand so that they have the comforting smells of their brothers and sisters.

And check out this video of Teaka playing with the puppies, it is so precious!

Teaka & Okie 2018: Candids of the Puppies

Puppies are getting so big and fluffy, this is probably my favorite age while they are still here with us and the messiest! Here are a few pictures from the last week and mom and dad enjoying some time down at the creek.

Balsam Branch Kennel Fox Red Lab Puppies For Sale 1

Sleepy Heads

Balsam Branch Kennel Fox Red Lab Teaka Okie

Okie and Teaka out at the creek