About Us

Welcome to Balsam Branch Kennel! Our family has always had a love for dogs, I don’t think there has been a day at our house in the last 40+ years that we haven’t had a dog.  When my kids were young we raised Shih Tzu’s and my son always seemed to bring home a new hunting dog from time to time. Now my children are all grown up and moved away and I have always wanted to get back into breeding.

Balsam Branch Kennel is located in Balsam Lake, WI at our home. We live on 30 acres of woods and water, which the dogs love to get out and play in. We also have a cabin in North Dakota and where we bring the dogs out to hunt and travel.

State of Wisconsin licensed and inspected: 483752-DS

Check out Current Puppies and Upcoming Litters, Here.

Fox Red Lab Puppies for Sale WI-5wk

If you are interested in a puppy now check out our Puppies for Sale page. For info on a future puppy please contact us, we have several litters planned for 2023. Here are some pictures from past litters.

42 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Lauren Mcleod says:

    Are we able to come see the place before we decide to get a puppy? And we place a down payment or how does the choose process work?? We are looking to get a beautiful pup in Feb 2019


  2. Steve Anderson says:

    Are the dogs named before we get them?

    Do you train the dogs?

    If not do you have someone you would refer me to?

    Thank you


  3. Lindzee phillips says:

    Hello, I’m interested I gettting a puppy. I’d like a female choclayte that’s if you don’t have one and about 8-9 weeks old. How much you are charging, if you accepted a deposi, and where you are located. It would greatly be appreciated if you would let me know as soon as possible and get back to me my number is (218)403-1326


  4. Vicky Daniel says:

    I have had female yellow labs as part of our family for over 40 years. I am looking for an older yellow female who needs a good home for the rest of her life. We live in Des Moines with a fenced yard during the week and we go to our farm which is south of Winterset where she will have freedom. Please let me know if you know if any girl that will work for us now or in the future! Thank you. Vicky


  5. Kevin E Davis says:

    Hi I was wondering how how much one of your puppies would cost? It would not require any special training, just the nurturing you give it. And are they good family dogs? Only asking because we have grandchildren. This is for future reference because we have a very old cat at the moment. He’s not very friendly towards other animals. But my soon to be better half really wants a dog as soon as the cat passes on. I’m a lab guy myself I love em to death. Thanks.


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