Teaka & Okie’s Puppies: 6 Weeks Old

Today was an eventful day for the puppies, they took a trip to the vet for a checkup and  they took their last group photo. Then after their photo was taken they got to run around and play with new toys. Puppies start making their way to their new homes this weekend. We still have two males and one female looking for their forever home.

fox red lab puppies for sale wi to 2018-6wk

6 Weeks Old (females on the left, males on the right)

Who ordered a wagon full of puppies!!



Which ball should I chase first,,.

Teaka & Okie’s Puppies: Three Weeks Old

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Puppies are now three weeks old and they are starting to show their little personalities. There is one puppy that has really been expressing himself…can you guess which one it is!?!?!

BBK Fox Red Lab Puppies For Sale TO 3W M

Males 3 Weeks Old

BBK Fox Red Lab Puppies For Sale TO 3W FM

Females 3 Weeks Old

If you haven’t visited our Facebook page recently, now would be a great time to do so. My daughter is in town for the Holidays and she is posting lots of videos to our page.