Contact Us

Balsam Branch Kennel’s can be reached via:


Phone: 715-554-4822 (Sandy, Owner)

Mail: Sandy Mabry 1544 150th Street, Balsam Lake, WI 54810

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18 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Amy says:

    Hi we’re looking for a male puppy. I saw you’re looking to breed Roxy? Any idea who you might breed her with and roughly when the puppies would be ready for pick up? Also do the parents do any hunting or come from hunting lines?


    • tamcam10 says:

      Hi Amy-
      Yes, we just bred Roxy with Manac last week! Puppies should be ready to go home early September. 2nd pick of the males is currently available for this litter. Both parents come from hunting lines and we do hunt all of our dogs but they are primarily our pets. Please give us a call 715-554-4822 or email so we can talk some more.


  2. Dan says:

    I’m looking for a female red lab puppy to heal my wife’s broken heart from putting down our perfect silver lab unexpectedly. The sooner the better . Thanks


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